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Welcome back 90's - - We ❤ Chokers!


We've seen them pop up everywhere from the fashion runways and magazines, to our favourite Hollywood actresses and bloggers...that's right ladies, the 90's style trend of the Choker is back! 

We have to admit, at first we weren't sure if this style was going to stick around again but here we are writing a blog post about them because they are back and are gaining popularity by the minute!

So why have they returned and who can wear them? As we know, style trends almost always come back again and chokers are no exception. We've seen the resurgence of 70's style wide-legged pants, the 80's ripped jeans and mini skirts, so why not the 90's choker? This style trend use to be that of the young teenage/twenty something but that has changed! This trend can be worn by most and can be dressed up or down in varying looks.

Check out how these Hollywood models/actresses style their chokers...



1. Gigi Choker

Gigi Choker The Perfect simple choker

So what makes this look so special? Chokers offer a unique ability to add a touch of femininity, coolness and a bit of rocker chic all in one simple package. You can wear it to the office, out for drinks or casual on the weekend.



2. Georgia Choker

  Three layer choker that's fun & edgy! 

So, did you keep your 80's accessories or are you like us and shopping for your newest choker?

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