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Gold or Silver? What Metal Suits Your Skin Tone


At least once a week we get asked "do you think gold or silver looks best on me?"

The answer to this can be figured out in a few simple steps:

(1) Determine your skin tone - look for an area on your body where your veins are visible. The wrists are usually a good area for this.

People with cool skin tones have a blue tinge to their veins. People with warm skin tones have a green tinge to their veins.


*Determining your skin tone is also helpful when choosing make-up.

(2) Do you Tan or Burn? People who tan easily tend to have warmer skin tones. People who burn easily or who cannot tan at all generally have cool skin tones.

(3) Your natural hair colour - redheads and strawberry blondes tend to be on the cooler side and brunettes tend to be on the warmer side. *Hair colour is not as accurate as the vein test.

(4) White paper test - hold a blank white piece of paper or bedsheet next to your face. If you notice yellow or golden-apricot undertones, you have warm skin tones. If you notice blue undertones, you have cool skin.



*Here are a couple of things to observe:

  • Do you look healthier? Notice the quality of your skin, eyes and skin tone
  • Does the metal make you look bland, or just ok?
  • Does the metal create or accentuate dark eye circles?
  • Do you see any unflattering shadows? (specifically under your chin)
  • Does it make your teeth look yellow/more yellow?



Now that you've determined if you have a cool or warm undertone, it's time to choose your jewelry.

Cool skin tones - favor silver, platinum and white gold. Jewels that compliment this skin tone are blue, purple, magenta, pink and red.

Here are some of your best colors:

  • Delicate pastels such as pastel green, baby blue, light and rose pink 
  • Different range of pink shades such as raspberry, light rose, soft-reds, plum
  • Vivid colors such as emerald green
  • Crisp, pure white versus cream
  • You look gorgeous with blue-toned reds such as true red 
  • Almost every hue of the ocean goes perfectly with your complexion
  • Depending on the intensity of your coloring, light to charcoal grey looks great with your complexion

Warm skin tones - favor gold, bronze, copper and pewter. Jewels that compliment this skin tone are turquoise, coral, green, orange and yellow.

Here are some of your best colors:

  • Muted and warm colors such as camel, beige, bronze, mochas and charcoal grey
  • Softer tones of peach and gold
  • Earthy greens like lime, grass, celery, olive, moss and jade
  • Off-white, ivory and cream
  • You suit warmer shades of red (eg. Tomato red) a lot better than the blue-toned reds such as burgundy and true red.

Still not sure? If you don't seem to "fit" into either category you might be one of those lucky people who can pull off both gold and silver (referred to as a Neutral). If this is the case for you, enjoy the variety of accessories available to you!

Sonya Bracelet  Donna - Silver

Donna - mixed


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