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Fashion Tip: How to Mix Patterns


Fashion is an ever changing industry and if you were born before the 80's you'll know that many trends tend to come around again...does that mean you should hang on to those 70's bell bottoms...umm probably not!

One trend that is back again (and we're excited about it) is mixing prints. Pattern mixing is basically wearing two or more different patterns together in one outfit. We love the monochromatic look, like an all-white outfit, but if you want to inject some personality, try pattern mixing. Have you tried mixing stripes with florals? Plaid with polka dots? Sound crazy? Have a look at some of these outfits we found via Pinterest...


Pattern mixing isn't easy for most people so we've complied a list of tips and tricks to help you on your way.

1) Match Colours, not Prints - Avoid matching prints together, instead ensure the colours work well together (complimentary or opposite).

2) Break up the look with solids - If print-on-print is just too much for you, add in some solid pieces to break up the look

3) Know Your Neutrals - When it comes to patterns, there are a few that are considered 'neutrals' - leopard print and stripes will go with just about anything and are considered neutrals in the pattern world

4) Double up on the same print - You can wear the same print in different colours, just make sure the colours are complimentary or in the same family.

5) Play with size - Try wearing the same print but in different sizes. A large polka dot bottom can be paired with a smaller polka dot top.

6) Repeat Colours - When mixing two or more prints, make sure they share the same dominant colour,  "colours can pull two completely different prints together and make them look like they were made for each other" wiki how

7) Pick a Big Print and a Small Print - "Think of prints in terms of their size, and choose a big size and a smaller size to go together. Having prints in a range of sizes creates visual harmony instead of headaches." wiki how

Let's look at some of these tips in action:

Source: stylish petite

Source: Style Bistro

One thing we would like to mention...When styling your outfit, if you are feeling unsure or second guessing yourself, remove one of the prints and replace it with a solid. It takes time and practice...and a bit of courage to step out of the comfort zone.

So, do you think you're ready to mix prints?!

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