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Baseball Cap


STYLE WATCH: The Baseball Cap.

It's a trend that doesn't seem like it's going anywhere. From high fashion models to Bloggers and Designers, the baseball cap is popping it's head everywhere! Much like the Choker trend, the cap is paying yet another style homage to the 90's look.

So what's made this fashion trend so popular? Besides being super practical (for those messy hair days), baseball caps offer a bit of street-wear edge to your look.


So how do we wear this trend?

Sporty - This is the most obvious way to wear this trend. Pair your cap with your fave Lululemon workout outfit and a pair of Nike's for an easy on-the-run look.


Trendy - Going for brunch or going shopping? Make your weekend look a little trendier with a baseball cap. Let your hair down, put on some red lipstick and add a leather jacket for an ultra-trendy outfit.



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