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Ten Creative Ways to Wear Brooches

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Our New Obsession: Brooches 

No longer just your great aunt's accessory, brooches are back and are a super hot trend for Fall/Winter 2018.

Brooches are one of the most versatile accessories! They can be worn in so many different ways and can be used to reflect your personal style. Below we've outlined a few Do's and Don'ts when it comes to wearing brooches as well as ten (10) different ways you can style them.

Ok, let's get started...

Do: Wear them clustered. Brooches look great grouped together. Please keep in mind the fashion rule of odd numbers; pair three or five together. Try and find brooches that compliment each other, making sure to have one anchor one and two fillers (as seen here).

Don't: Wear a cluster of brooches with a statement necklace or statement earrings. They become a statement all on their own and don't require much other accessorizing. A simple stud earring will do!

How-to-Style Them:

(1) On Outerwear: Wear them on a coat, blazer. Brooches look great on denim and are an easy way to dress up a denim jacket.


(2) On a Hat: Berets are always a fall favourite accessory and a simple and stylish way to dress up this look is to add a brooch or three on the side. And voila! Instant style.


Pic: La Vie du Papillon

(3) On Your Bag: Jazz up a boring bag or evening clutch with a few brooches.


(4) On Your Shoes: Get the designer look for less by putting brooches on your shoes. Pretty jeweled encrusted brooches can add high street style to an otherwise simple pair of pumps.


(5) On A Scarf: Adding a pin to a scarf is not only stylish, but it can also help it stay in place. Try wrapping a silk or blanket scarf around your shoulders and putting the pin to secure it in place. Glam and functionality!


Pic: Poor Little It Girl

(6) Around Your Neckline: This bold style trend can help you add instant fun to an otherwise simple dress shirt. It looks especially great on a white shirt, but can be worn with something patterned. Your brooch options are endless, add bold, bright, jeweled toned colours for some fun!


(7) On Your Shirt Cuff: What a fun way to add some interest to your dress shirt! Brooches can be used similar to cuff-links but are much prettier!!


(8) On Your Pants/Skirt: This style trend is for the much more adventurous person. Pair a cluster of brooches on the top of your pants, just above the pockets for a super stylish look.


(9) In Your Hair: Have a special occasion? Going to a wedding or work function? Try adding a pretty brooch to your up-do! These colourful, jeweled accessories can make a simple up-do look glamorous in an instant! 

(10) On Your Necklace: Yes we are pairing two different accessories here! How cute is this little bee brooch on this pearl necklace?! Have fun with your accessories and pair them together!

 Vintage Baubles & Bits

Let's not forget the style icon herself who is famous for always wearing a brooch...The Queen!!

Yasss Queen!


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