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How to wear Spring 2018 Bold Colours

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We're super excited for Spring 2018 fashion trends. Expect to see lots of Pastels (love), Sequins, Fringe, Plastic (hmm not so sure of this), Trench Coats and Sneakers. But our most loved trend is all the Bold Colour in clothing and accessories!

It's time to start stowing away all of the dark and drab navy, grey and black of winter and start adding in pops of colour like Yellow, Red, Pink and Ultra Violet (Pantone's Colour of the Year for 2018). 


Not sure how to incorporate Pantone's Ultra Violet Colour into your wardrobe? Below are some outfit inspiration looks...


Not feeling like committing to a Purple trench coat or an Emerald pant? Try adding accessories like a statement earring in fun, bright colours. Not only will this save you a ton of money, it will also be an easier way for you to stay on-trend but in a more "real-life" way. 

Below are some tips on how can you incorporate colourful accessories into your look:

(1) Keep everything else simple. Avoid wearing too many pieces together i.e. wear a bold necklace with a simple earring or try a bold statement earring with no necklace. 

(2) Keep your clothing neutral. Use a bold statement accessory as the main accent piece. These pieces look especially good with monochromatic looks i.e. all white or all black.

(3) If you're wearing a statement earring, put your hair up or curled away from your face. Show these beauties off and let them stand out and make a statement.

(4) Remember with statement earrings to chose a length or style that suits your face. Depending on your face shape, some styles may or may not work for you. I.e. a round face shape should avoid wearing round bauble earrings.


Check out some of our colourful statement earrings.

   Kelly Earring - Turquoise   Kelly Earring - Pink


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