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5 Ways Accessories Can Change Your Life

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We know, we know, the title is a little dramatic, but it peaked your interest, No? We are completely serious though, Fashion Accessories have the power to make some Big changes in your life! To convince you, we've put together a list of our top five (5) ways:

(1) Accessories can help your budget!

Probably the best thing about adding accessories to your wardrobe is that they cost far less than buying new clothes while still having the ability to change up your look. Take for instance this simple black dress. Look how the pretty accessories on the left give it a daytime feel that would be office appropriate. Look how easily switching up the jacket, shoes, ring and purse changes the look into a fun & flirty nighttime outfit.

(2) Accessories can change your mood

Are you checking to see if you read this correctly? Yes you did! Much like how clothing can change your mood, i.e. wearing a business suit can make you feel more powerful, accessories can do the same. Putting on a statement necklace can make you feel more flirty and sexy. Wearing a pair of hoops can make you feel more casual and fun. Wearing a fedora hat can make you feel more funky and stylish. Shop our selection of hats here.


(3) Accessories can update your wardrobe

Accessories have the ability to change your look by adding dimension, visual interest, and make your overall outfit look pulled together. Think of the basic white t-shirt you likely own. Have you tried pairing it with a slim pair of dark jeans, a sexy pair of heels, a bright coloured bag and a printed scarf? As shown in the picture below, look how easily accessories transformed a basic looking outfit. What about the little black dress you've worn a handful of times and are bored of it? Try adding a statement necklace, a pretty bracelet and a strappy pair of heels and a beaded evening purse for a new look.

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(4) Accessories can help when you're in a pinch!

Have you ever forgot about an event, meeting or get-together that you were not fashionably prepared for? Accessories can help! Need to run out the door but don't have time for your makeup routine? Put on a bright lipstick and a full framed pair of sunglasses. You can still look like you's amazing what a pair of sunglasses can do! Going for drinks after work with your girlfriends? Put your hair back in a slick ponytail and put on a pair of shiny hoops for a sleek and stylish look. Going to a meeting but not feeling confident in your plain outfit? Throw on a colourful printed scarf to add some visual interest to your outfit.

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(5) Accessories can highlight your Assets

"Use trinkets and baubles to highlight your best assets - shiny studs highlight your face, rings can draw attention to graceful hands, bracelets can anchor toned arms and dangling earrings can accentuate strong shoulders and a graceful neck.

So, there you are, a list of our top five (5) ways we think accessories can change your life. Did we miss anything? Feel free to add to the list, we'd love to hear from you!


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