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The Fashion Rule of Three


Chances are you have already heard of this phrase when it comes to interior design/decorating..."The Rule of Three". What exactly does this mean for interior design? We checked out Freshome.com for the answer "Most designers will tell you that the rule of three was put into effect due to the fact that an odd number of items looks more natural and less forced than an even-numbered grouping...too much symmetry makes a room look stale and cold"

The same rule holds true for fashion. When choosing an outfit, our natural tendency is to put together a bottom and a top, or just a dress, and although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this, just by adding a third item, you can instantly transform an otherwise simple outfit to one that looks put together and complete. Many major retail stores have incorporated this practice with their sales staff. For example, employees at Banana Republic and Nordstrom are required to wear three business-casual pieces at all times.

So what is the third piece? Your top and bottom are considered one piece each, leaving you with a multitude of other options for your third piece (shoes are not included). Some examples are below:

- Blazer

- Vest

- Cardigan

- Statement Accessory (hat, scarf, necklace, belt)

The Rule of Three sounds easy enough to accomplish in the Fall/Winter seasons, but what about Spring/Summer? Wearing a blazer so your outfit looks "put-together" is completely out-of-the-question. We would suggest, investing in some great statement accessories. Your options are almost limitless when it comes to finding statement necklaces, from beaded to colourful, to bold and chunky, there is just so much to choose from! A hat is another great option for your third item (sidebar, you don't have to be on a beach in order to wear a hat!). A scarf won't fare as well in the summer but have you tried tying a bright, printed scarf around your handbag? It's such a fun look!

Below are some examples of The Rule of Three...


source: Fashion Diva Design


Right image source: Stylecaster

Look how a simple tank is instantly dressed-up just by adding a statement piece...super easy to re-create!

We've got some great statement accessories for you to consider:

Ali Necklace - Pink Erin Necklace - GoldTyka Necklace

Bailey Fedora Hat Frankie hat - camel

So, what third piece do you usually reach for?


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