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All things Hats - How to Style Them

Continuing our Series, we're talking about all things hats! It's surprising to us when people think hats are only worn for two reasons; (1) In the winter with the sole purpose of keeping us warm and toasty. Please don't get us wrong, they do serve that purpose, and thanks to some ingenious designers, there are [...]

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10 Spring Essential Items Every Woman Should Have In Their Closet

                   Spring is here and it's time to start thinking about putting away all of those big, heavy coats, hats, gloves and thick blanket scarves. Over the next 10 weeks, we're going to introduce 10 items we think every woman should have in their closet! 1) Flower Power - Floral [...]

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Valentines Day Looks

Valentines Day is near and dressing up for the night out with your loved one can be fun and flirty with some splashes of red and pink but don't overdo it. Check out some of our looks for this special day.1. Valentines Day look - Casual Chic: If you have a blouse or sweater with [...]

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How to Stay Stylish This Winter

Winter can be a bit challenging when it comes to looking stylish with the amount of layers you have to add on to stay warm. We have some tips to help you still look stylish in the colder months. * Get a variety of winter accessories From ear muffs, head warmers, toques and beanies there are so many [...]

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How To Wear A Statement Necklace

The statement necklace can be the only accessory you need to really make an outfit more stylish, however adding statement earrings or bracelets take it to the next level. It can be used in many different ways from casual, professional to dressing up for evening wear. Here are some tips on how to wear the [...]

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2016 Pantone Colour of the Year: Rose Quartz & Serenity

For the first time ever, Pantone introduces two shades blended together for the colour of the year. This year's colours have a softer look combining both warmth and cool tones,  Rose Quartz (warm rose) and Serenity (cool blue). ROSE QUARTZ PANTONE 13-1520 & SERENITY PANTONE 15-3919The two colours reflect wellness and a soothing feeling, as people [...]

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More Holiday Looks

There are so many ways to dress for the holidays, but if you want to avoid the ugly Christmas sweater trend or an adult onesie and pajama kind of outfit for the holidays, here are a couple looks you can go with instead. The casual chic holiday look. This look is easy to put together, with [...]

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Winter 2015 & 2016 Trends

The fashion runways of last fall revealed a lot of monochromatic looks with black and white being a top look, but also many bright colours including classic red and pastel colours to brighten the winter wardrobe. The Sixties and Eighties fashion eras have played an influence to the style that is coming out for this [...]

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How to Layer with Style

Layering is easy to do, but not everyone can do it with style. Here are some tips to help you figure out what you can do to pair things easily and get the stylish look you want everyday this winter. Use a chambray shirt to layer on top of a long sleeve shirt (plain or striped), [...]

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Holiday Party Must Haves!

Do you know what you're wearing for the next holiday party? These are some of the " holiday party must haves" to help you get started: A statement Necklace. We like our TWISTER RED necklace.  ZENAIYA CHAMPAGNE SHAMBALLA style double-sided earrings. A simple and elegant bracelet. Try our CLOUDON GOLD Cartier inspired bangle. Cocktail rings for some bling. The Cartier inspired [...]

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